Soul Tie

 Lydell continues giving to the world. Stirring up the hearts and souls of music lovers around the globe. From his highly anticipated album “The Sound Of My Melodies“.  
Back to the roots of R&B and Neo-Soul filled with substance,raw feelings, and emotions conveyed by life experiences with potent lyrics and live instrumentation. Lydell is motivated to create a legacy and sound of his own. With his New Single “Soul Tie” giving the world something that they can feel! Determined to revive the industry with a organic sound that reaches the souls of the people all over the world. 
Soul Tie”  was inspired by a real life experience. Lydell says was almost unexplainable, without growth, time and understanding. This experience allowed him to understand the difference between a strong connection and having an amazing chemistry in pursuing lifelong relationships. 
Touching  base on love, life and romance. Lydell  recognized that there are people who are  placed in our lives for a lifetime. Even if your not going be romantically together forever he say’s. But share a common bond and genuine commitment, to better each others lives. 
As we understand our path of life, our lives unfolds and blossoms over the years of living.  
There through it all Lydell say’s  consistent  as life throws you ups and and downs. Learning and growing and understanding one another, as if we were considered to be each others guardian angel. Some would say it sounds like a soulmate.  But it not, it’s a  “Soul Tie” he says.
Prepare your ears to enjoy Lydell’s silky,soulful vocals and sound. Accompanied by piano extraordinaire Gregory Mitchell. Shot, Directed and Edited by Jordan Gonzalez of Diamond Dot Media of Richmond, Va

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