Lydell’s 3rd Single -Love Drug

Lydell Williams’ 3rd Single,  “Love Drug” from his highly anticipated album, “The Sound Of My Melodies”

He has captured the world giving them substance with his titled single “Don’t Go Looking For Love”. Then he gave a different side of himself musically with a follow up of his smooth sultry sound and mesmerizing harmonies. With a melodic two-step vibe that’s sure to make your fingers snap, your feet tap, your heads bob, and make your body want to move, with his second single  “Groove Your Body”.

Well he’s back again with “Love Drug” another eargasm. With more melodic vibes, filled with dope harmonies nice hi-hats , deep 808’s and a hook and musical journey to  remember. Geared and inspired by Love, Life, and Romance. As he shares a passionate tale about an experience of being there for a friend. That was in an abusive relationship, that eventually  turned into a love thang unexpectedly, only to find out that he had been hurt so many times before by people saying ” that they was in love with him” that he wasn’t looking for love. Focused on himself and  healing from his past loves,  it made it complicated and very difficult at the time to be in love again. Questioning  why he wasn’t able to feel and fall in love with her at the time of this love experience.

This tune “Love Drug ” tells of this story. Very relatable to those that have a been in love and trying get back to themselves  to find a new love .

“Everything out there musically was inspired or influenced by something from the past.”  Lydell says, “It’s not about creating some super-fresh new thing. If it doesn’t lend itself to your history, how is it going to extend to your future”?