Don’t Go Looking For Love Origin

Title Single, “Don’t Go Looking For Love”

From His Highly Anticipated Album “The Sound Of My Melodies”
Lydell continues giving to the world. Stirring up the hearts and souls of people around the globe. Back to the roots of R&B and Neo-Soul filled with substance,raw feelings, and emotions conveyed by life experiences with potent lyrics and live instrumentation.

Motivated to create a legacy and sound of his own.

Lydell says, “The last 4 years of pain brought me peace of mind. It taught me to balance. It brought me to a place of hope and love. It brought me to write and sing.
It brought me “Don’t Go Looking For Love”

“Don’t Go Looking For Love” was inspired by Lydell’s quest of studying “love” and its origin and what it really means. What is love? The many types of love. Where does it come from? Where should you start looking for it? What kind of love should you be looking for? These questions of curiosity drove this song through the roof, with a rich sound filled with melodies, solid lyrics and jewels to share, with a beautiful message that resonates with everyone.

Hope you enjoy, stay tuned more music is on the way.