For the last 4 years I’ve been weaving and bobbin through life, in and out of life, growing and dying, sometimes, at the same time.

I can honestly say now, I wasn’t ready. My story in that season hadn’t been completed yet. I still had to be broken, so I could write about it. I still had to be betrayed, so I could write about it. I still had yet to have my heart really broken so I could write about it.

The last 4 years of pain brought me to peace of mind. It brought me to balance. It brought me to hope and love. It brought me to sing. It brought me

“The Sounds of My Melodies”
Stay Tuned I’m About Give To You World 2016

Maybe your dream is taking too long. Can I propose to you today, you are still being created, your story is still being written and your dreams aren’t late, they are right on schedule.
#Love✌& Soul Y’all

LW City2CityRevised


The Sound Of My Melodies


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Get To Know You

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Love Drug

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Good Morning Love

[jwplayer mediaid=”884″]

The Morning After

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Can’t Stop My Groove “Interlude”

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Body Groove

[jwplayer mediaid=”887″]

Fly Guy

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Groove Your Body

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Soul Tie

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Get To Know You “Remix”

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Rain “Interlude”

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Don’t Go Looking For Love

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Loves Not Enough

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A Piece of My Soul Vol.1

A Piece of My Soul Vol. 1


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She Loved Me

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Hope You Can Change

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The Sound 2008

The Sound (2008)


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Nic of Time
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Why Let Me Leave

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You and I

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The Sound Of My Melodies -2016

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